About Gintarė Jautakaite

Gintarė at the art gallery

Gintarė is an artist, singer, composer, and pianist.  She rose to prominence as a classically trained concert pianist/composer. Her singing and electronic music production got international attention and she was signed with Sony/EMI Records. Her songs, Guilty, Disappear, and Butterflies ranked in the Top 10 UK Billboard pop charts and appeared in Hollywood movie soundtracks. She toured extensively and internationally. Her albums include Earthless, Feathermark, Kol Prasvis, and Where the Night Lilies Bloom. 

Gintarė was born in Lithuania to parents in the field of academic music. She immigrated to United States in 1982. Since then she lived in New York, Oxford (UK), and now in coastal Maine, where the mountains meet the sea that brings so much inspiration to her work. 

There is a complicated play of light, color, and motion in the deceivingly seductive aesthetics of her paintings, simultaneously beautiful and haunting. These breathtaking combinations come with an urgent message about our planet, the climate, and the need for care in our present to save the future.

Water is a capricious subject to put on canvas. It moves. It's alive. Full of the radiance of light and endless possibilities. My devotion to the life of the wave and lighting it up through deconstructing its bloom in the air excites me! The power of depth and motion presents me with so much space to let the theatricals of my imagination run free on canvas. To illuminate the message: to keep loving, marveling at, and preserving our beautiful world.

Gintarė on the piano at the art gallery